Artist Jane Seary works in her studio on Grand Lake in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. She draws inspiration for her art from knowledge and skills associated with her work and recreation in the natural world. An intimate relationship to and appreciation for the intricacies of nature is evident in her chosen subject matter and style. Jane works with a variety of mediums including watercolour, graphite, conté, charcoal, natural fibre, and mixed-media.  Creating contemporary and interpretive works reflective of her desire to promote an ecological consciousness, her longstanding love and respect for the natural world have predominantly influenced her artistic expression of all chosen mediums.


Limited Edition Giclée Prints of Jane Seary’s work are produced on a revolutionary washi (Japanese paper) collection produced in Japan and specifically developed for high quality ink jet printing. Every piece is acid free and retains the fine organic texture and traditional look of washi. These papers are made with the finest quality fibres and are created to meet the high standards of professional artists. These specialty papers allow Jane to recreate not only an image of her original work, but a reproduction comparable to the original art object.
More About My Paper

Unryu Paper

In Japan, the name “unryu” loosely translated means “cloud dragon paper”. It is made with kozo (mulberry) fibres left very long and visible in translucent sheets. Unryu paper reflects a classic Japanese aesthetic in the subtle cloud-like inclusions made by the layering of the long kozo fibres. When back-lit, the translucent quality of the paper increases the dynamic expression of fine artworks printed on it.
WEIGHT: 55 g/m2
THICKNESS: 0.13 mm
pH: Neutral

Bizan Paper

Bizan paper is a meticulously crafted, handmade kozo paper that is extraordinarily elegant and which retains the most valued characteristics of washi (Japanese paper). It is the most exquisite of papers, revealing a touch of warmth, beautiful matte finish and organic texture. The deckled edges of this thick, heavyweight paper are often revealed in the display of artworks.

WEIGHT: 300 g/m2
THICKNESS: 0.68 mm
pH:  Neutral



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